Custom Metal Fabrications Offer Lasting Quality

2011-08-08 10.50.39IMG_0792


Max Welding LLC is a local welding and fabrication shop in Sequim, Washington, owned and operated by Giles MacMurchie.  The shop is located at 93 Gupster just west of Sequim.  Please call 360-670-6181.

Giles MacMurchie brings to each job 35 years of quality construction experience, over 25 years in welding; he completed his welding apprenticeship with the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and reached journeyman level in 1999 before starting his own welding business.  Max Welding currently consists of a fabrication shop, and Giles is consistently fabricating practical, residential, commercial and artistic designs for private customers, regional businesses, agricultural manufacturing, and the region’s marine harvesting industry.  Giles is happy to review your design ideas, whether they be in final or rough form, and enjoys the opportunity to consult in the design stage or answer questions as long has he can hear the phone ringing over the grinders and the forklift.

Giles and his wife, Laura, moved to Sequim in 2000.  They are proud parents of one teenage daughter, Isabelle, who is a top student in Sequim schools.  Giles is a volunteer board member and dedicated workman for one of the key irrigation districts in the Sequim valley.  The MacMurchie family is devoted to supporting local, small farms and area businesses.

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